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Macro economic forces, animal spirits, and the volatile nature of markets can make handicapping investments a muddling task. Profiting from such markets requires an objective and calculated stance. Diamond Slice offers an unbiased “slice” of the markets through market synopses, global analysis, industry breakdowns, trade strategies, and the occasional soap box rant.

Diamond Slice began at the height of financial market turnmoil, and the trough of financial markets, in March 2009. Founded with a simple mission, “to provide objective analysis from both top down and bottom up schools of thought,” we are constantly focused on the goal common to every trader… “alpha”.

Take a look around our site and gauge for yourself the caliber of analysis that we offer. We stand unwavering amidst the populous mob and take pride in our ability to stare down short term trends, allowing our readers a fresh outlook.

Robert Eberenz, founder and lead analyst of Diamond Slice, has been following markets and involved in economic research for nearly a decade. Holding a B.S. in Business and Economics from Clemson University , Robert now resides in Korea, where he is seeking to differentiate his view of global business from an Asian perspective.

For strategy in stocks, commodities bonds and ETF’s in a number of global markets, find a fresh take with Diamond Slice – Financial Market Analysis.