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China’s Growth: Blessing or Curse?

"China's Growth: Blessing or Curse", The Korea Times The Korea Times – International Op-Ed

- February 09, 2010 -

An analysis of the growth, witnessed in China’s economy throughout 2009, as stimulus measures at nearly 13% of 2008 GDP spurred an economic recovery and real estate market boom. Diamond Slice’s Robert Eberenz takes a contrarian stance on the issue, citing the pitfalls of the global economy’s reliance on the newly invented Chinese middle class consumer.

Lurking Costs of Growth in China

"Lurking Costs of Growth in China" -by: Robert Eberenz, The Korea TimesThe Korea Times – International Op-Ed

- March 22, 2010 -

Analysis focused on imbalances within the Public Finance sector of China’s Economy. In this report Robert delves deep under the surface to reveal “off balance sheet” financing, where governments commit lands as collateral for private loans to support education, infrastructure, public safety, and other crucial social services. As the real estate market surges higher to “bubbly” valuations, this practice infers disastrous¬†ramifications¬†for the Chinese economy as a whole if and when prices for land recede.