Korea Economic Slice: The Fruits of Labor, Korea’s Employment Situation

Oct 7th, 2010 | By Rob | Category: DS Feature, Global Slice, Korea

There’s one aspect to financial markets and individuals’ livelihood, which has become commonplace to economies around the world. Like the proverbial 900 pound gorilla in the room, the risks tied to stagnant labor markets are obvious. However, relative stability in Asian economic growth and Western stock markets has pushed the implications surrounding unemployment from the center of the room towards the corner. This week we’ll be focusing on the state of the labor market in Korea and how it compares to other developed markets abroad. We will identify differences in labor conditions and data collection, then look at ways that Korea can improve its employment situation for future success.

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Download this week's report in PDF format.

The Korea Economic Slice on KBC is produced by Korea Business Central (KBC) and independent analyst Robert Eberenz (DS Financial Market Analysis, President).

Offering a comprehensive weekly financial outlook, from macro-economic, geopolitical, and technical analysis perspectives, this report provides readers with real time, objective market analysis “from the ground” in the Republic of Korea.

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