Korea Economic Slice: Landlords & Tenants, A Real Estate Study

Aug 6th, 2010 | By Rob | Category: DS Feature, Korea

August 5, 2010 -Korea is a land of limited space and high population. It’s borders surround just under one-hundred-thousand square kilometers, making the land mass a bit larger than the U.S. state of Indiana, with a population of approximately 48,000,000; over seven times that of Indiana. It’s safe to say that the result of these basic observations has for years been a high demand for real estate in Korea. This week we’ll discuss the state of the South Korea real estate market by investigating the Korean “Jeonse” (key money) lease process, deciphering broader implications of economic downturns on the industry, and looking for answers to the looming supply of unfilled apartment skyscrapers in years to come.

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Download this week's report in PDF format.

The Korea Economic Slice on KBC is produced by Korea Business Central (KBC) and independent analyst Robert Eberenz (DS Financial Market Analysis, President).

Offering a comprehensive weekly financial outlook, from macro-economic, geopolitical, and technical analysis perspectives, this report provides readers with real time, objective market analysis “from the ground” in the Republic of Korea.

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