Korea Economic Slice: Derivatives, The Options and Futures of Korea

Aug 13th, 2010 | By Rob | Category: Banking, DS Feature, Industry Analysis, Korea

August 12, 2010 -From a Western financial professional’s perspective, South Korea has traditionally been overlooked. The most familiar big three finance hubs in the East were forged in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. However, Korea is redefining itself as a major marketplace for a specific breed of financial product, for better or worse, broadly labeled “derivatives”. For those having flash backs to calculus at the thought of the word, don’t fret… you’re actually on the right track. Here we’ll give a crash course on derivatives and their place in financial markets, inspect their recent appearance in emerging markets, and theorize as to the effect they will have on Korea’s global financial presence and the economy as a whole.

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The Korea Economic Slice on KBC is produced by Korea Business Central (KBC) and independent analyst Robert Eberenz (DS Financial Market Analysis, President).

Offering a comprehensive weekly financial outlook, from macro-economic, geopolitical, and technical analysis perspectives, this report provides readers with real time, objective market analysis “from the ground” in the Republic of Korea.

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