DS Trading: Position Update (DTO, SDS, VXX)

Jun 29th, 2010 | By Rob | Category: Commodities, Equities, Trade Flash, Trade Strategy

Positions currently held at DS Financial are SDS, DTO, and VXX. Refer to our DS Trading Ledger, a new page where you can track the results of calls we’ve made, to see the entry points on these three positions. As of Monday’s close our positions are as follows:

  • SDS     +6.51%
  • DTO    +1.00%
  • VXX    +9.72%

Remember these positions all represent net short market trades and are to be used only within an acceptable range of risk. These vehicles are all very volatile, so we highly recommend readers to subscribe to our “Complete DS Analysis” feed in the right sidebar and our DS SHOUTBOX trading notebook feed @http://twitter.com/ds_shoutbox. The DS SHOUTBOX will give readers notifications of any trades made after the close of each trading day, while real time trade alerts are only available to private clients.

If you are interested in becoming a private client, feel free to email our Lead Trader and Analyst Robert Eberenz at [email protected]

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2 Comments to “DS Trading: Position Update (DTO, SDS, VXX)”

  1. Brett Owens says:

    Nice week for SDS, huh Rob!

  2. Cox says:

    Time to sell soon, on this pullback/consolidation.
    VXX isn’t going to new highs, correlation wasn’t as good as I would have thought in August.

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